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9'1" Blender 62L
by Skin Dog Surfboards

  • 9'1" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" 62L
  • FCSII 2+1
  • Skin Dog Surfboards are designed with Thunderbolt Technologies, utilizing advanced materials and technology in surfboard design that decreases weight while taking performance, flex, and control to the next level. These are true high-performance boards that have extra carbon fiber internal elements that make them very strong. 

  • This board was designed for flatter slower waves, with faster hollow sections. This board still has high performance features, but it is wider all over, with a more relaxed rocker. The bottom starts with a single concave in the nose, flowing straight into a subtle double concave through the center rolling out into bigrolled V inside the slight double, making this board a dream to surf on the nose and tail, it really feels like easy surfing.

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