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6'2" ShellFish 35L
by Lynn Shell

  • 6'2" x 20" x 2 5/8" 
  • Futures x 5 
  • The Shell Fish is a modern update to Lynn's most popular model of the 90's. Taking notes from the original he was able to improve and refine it for a new generation. The user friendly profile makes it fun in almost any conditions.

    Shell Tech construction is totally new for 2018 and is inspired by Lynn's progressive use of materials in surfboard building.
  • Built using a stringerless EPS blank with a recessed carbon fiber strip running tip to tail.
  • This carbon strip on the deck and bottom mimics a stringer allowing for torsional flex to transfer out to the rails.
  • Eco epoxy resin is used with 6 oz. E Glass on the bottom and a full 6/4 oz E Glass deck.
  • Between the two deck layers is additional thinner carbon striping to add strength and reduce deck compression.

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