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9'6" Hydro Hull Tuflite PC 71L
by Stewart

  • 9'6" x 23 1/2" x 3 1/4" 71L
  • Tuflite Pro Carbon Construction: Carbon composite construction combined with Tuflite's Fused-Cell EPS core, TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilize a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement laminated over a layer of high-desity foam strengthens the board while creating the lively flex pattern that can only be found in Tuflite's TLPC technology.
  • The Hydro Hull, quite possibly the most famous high-performance longboard model of all time, was our top-selling longboard worldwide for decades. Designed to be an all-around amazing performance board, the Hydro Hull blew people‚Äôs minds with incredibly innovative features, like the modern trim rocker, single to double concave bottom, and beveled entry rail, which were revolutionary design features at the time.
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