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7'4 MOE TB RED 52.9L
by Harley Ingleby Surfboards

  • 7'4" x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" 52.9L
  • FCSII X5
  • The Moe is a mid-length that caters equally to beginners, experienced shortboarders looking for a bit more volume on slow days, and experienced longboarders who feel like riding something a bit shorter. The width and volume distribution give the Moe good paddle power without sacrificing maneuverability, while a flat bottom contour up front gives way to double concave beneath the fins for drive and big carves. Thin rails that transition from rounded up front to a hard, tucked-under edge through the tail keep the board sensitive and provide control. With a large sweet spot and a variety of fin options available, this is a wide-spectrum, high-performance, user-friendly board that works for all skill levels, and helps bring the fun back to everyday sessions. It really excels in weaker waves.
  • The primary performance difference between Thunderbolt Black (CARBON) or Thunderbolt Red (FIBERGLASS) is in the flexural characteristics of each material.Fiberglass is “stretchier” than carbon fiber, so boards laminated with fiberglass are easier to flex and have a rebound rate that is smooth and consistent. Carbon fibers take more energy to flex but once flexed, the rebound rate is very fast, making the boards accelerate out of turns with added projection.

    Lighter surfers will often prefer the fiberglass exterior lamination as they can create more flex and let the internal flex control components of the Thunderbolt blanks come into full play. Heavier surfers who have more ability to flex the carbon fiber boards can get even more power from the carbon fiber rebound.

    With that being said, surfers of all sizes and weights can surf the fiberglass laminations and experience the Thunderbolt projection. Generally, save the carbon fiber boards for larger (175+ pounds) or for chasing barrels.

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