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5'11" C4 ROCKET REDUX 33.5L
by Lost Surfboards

5'11" x 20.25" x 2.54" 33.5L


The extremely low and fast entry rocker, counterbalanced by a hyper-extended tail curve, for instantaneous down the line drive and playfully precise turning. The deepest of concaves, created by a straight centerline stringer and a curvaceous rail rocker lends lift and liveliness. The wide tail and parallel, bullet like, outline provides plenty of speed and hold. The hooked diamond “Rocket” tail adds bite and hold in firm, rear footed carves.

While the ROCKET REDUX stays true to the original ROCKET, to bring a serious performance boost we’ve:

Refined and cleaned curves, made the rails a bit more refined, and updated some details just enough to keep up with the things we’ve learned since.


Cork is a natural dampener which smooths out the ride of an EPS surfboard.  Cork settles down vibrations and chatter, so prevalent in most EPS surfboards.  Its spreads, and smooths out surface chatter, to provide a soothing Cadillac glide.  The Cork deck is like a suspension system on windy days, and in larger surf and variable conditions, which so commonly create chaos and unpredictable performance in “epoxy” or EPS surfboards.  The Cork is painted white, except for strategically placed “peekaboo” windows, where you can see the natural Cork through the fused carbon reinforcements.  The bottom is built layering multiple layers of 4oz fiberglass, the final layer being a wrap of “D” Glass.  Both the top and bottom feature fused carbon fiber, exo-skeletal stringers.  The Fused Carbon adds strength, and provides pop, bringing a responsive, rapid spring back to the flex.  C4 boards are designed to withstand a barrage of typical daily damage, while remaining light, lively and energetic under foot, and providing long lasting, durable and high-performance fun.

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