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by AJW

  • 5’8 x 19” x 2.38” 26.8L 
  • FCSII X5 
  • An absolute barrel machine!!! This little thing has given me more joy in the last year, than any model I’ve ever had. Probably the most versatile board we offer… Depending on surfing ability? this can be ridden anything from 3ft – 15ft. She features a fuller nose w/ pulled narrow R.tail.. Double hollow vee bottom for steep fluid drops. Works 100% best as a quad, however we feature it w/ the 5 fin option for those that are stuck on thruster.

    Update: This board has withstood the test of time… still my personal favorite board to shape. Have had sooo many customers comeback from Indo or wherever saying they got the best barrel of they’re life on this board… Heres the original made for RobBrown… We’ve made adjustments but keep going back to the Original for Pumping barrels… She’s a GEM for any quiver!!!!

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