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by Thunderbolt

  • 6'8" x 20 3/4" x 2 5/8" 40.9L
  • FUT X4 
  • A new update to my popular Seaside and Beyond built in a new materials recipe for the first time, this design is a long fish shape inspired by a mix of the Seaside and my previous experiences on Skip Frye shapes. Ever since Skip showed me his Fish shapes in the 7-foot range around 20 years ago, they've been on my mind, and the Seaside was a pathway to making my own. 

    Today the Seaside and Beyond is built in Thunderbolt Surfboards technology, which means a new lamination schedule and separate flex characteristic than what my prior Seaside and Beyond shape had. To me, the sensations of riding this design in a new build deserved a limited release globally, so that Seaside and Beyond fans could get a new feel in one of their favorite shapes. 

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