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5'8 LOST... MICK'S TAPE 34.5L
by Lost Surfboards

  • 5'8 x 20.6 x 2.56 34.5L
  • The “MicksTape-SYM ”: A fully symmetrical version of Stab’s 2022, #ElectricAcidSurfboardTest winning board, as chosen by Mick Fanning. For anyone with apprehension about asymmetrical boards, but still interested in the overall performance of the original #MicksTape. Much of the reason we made the original an Asym, was knowing the “Test” was to be in typically powerful, peak season, Maldivian reef passes. Tasked with designing a sub-5’3” board, for these types of waves, we bet that a bit less surface area on the heel edge would help. It did…But for everyday surf, in non-reef pass power, we feel a spin on standard swallow, would be a simple solution.  Similar to the typical swallow, but with a reverse inner curve, the smooth flow of the “Gull” tail, is reminiscent of the original #MicksTape.

    Designed to be effective much shorter than your standard short boards and even fish the smallest performer in your quiver. Choose a length that lines up the kind of width and volume you can be comfortable on and push yourself to fit in new parts of the wave. Just like Mick showed us how.

    Essentially the same board, in every way, except the last couple inches of tail outline, the #MicksTape-SYM delivers the same high performance, diminutive package as the asym version, but with an easy to understand tail, for all you traditionalists.

    Goofy or Regular, one board fits all stances.

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