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5'8 LOST... UBER XL 30L
by Lost Surfboards

  • 5'8" x 19.75" x 2.42" 30L
  • FUT X3
  • By popular demand!  When developing the UBER DRIVER, we overlooked the “Domesticated and distinguished Gentlemen”…aka bigger boys…My bad!  Not anymore.  The UBER-XL is just as the name says:  A scaled up version of the recently re-vamped UBER DRIVER-19.  The UBER DRIVER-XL is designed for bigger or Domesticated surfers, as well as intermediate surfers looking for a stepping stone to a more performance type of surfboard.  The rocker, outline and bottom curves are performance minded, and directly off the standard UBER DRIVER (which in turn came from the Sub-Driver).  We then enlarged the dimensions and carried the thickness flow forward.  The deck has been adjusted to a flatter, more stable platform, with a low apex tapered rail, that hides the volume, and still permeates the water in turns.  For the guy who knows how to surf, prefers a modern Pro-Formance rocker, but needs a bit of help in the crowded line ups and sloppy surf.  Flatter, faster (slightly fatter) and funner.
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