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4'11 FIREWIRE SCI-FI 2.0 16.8L
by Firewire

  • 4'11 x 17 x 2.16 16.8L
  • The Firewire Sci-Fi 2.0 Surfboard from Slater Designs with FCS II fins is a high-performance fast responsive design for small to medium waves. Designed to be ridden 1" shorter than it's predecessor. The all new Firewire Sci-Fi 2.0 from Slater Designs in LFT construction with FCS II fins features a wide point forward of center, which allows the design to be ridden 1" shorter than it's predecessor with more volume packed into shorter length. It also has a more pulled-in tail and rocker (similar to the Cymatic) giving the design greater range than the original, while still maintaining good small wave prowess. The most notable changes for me in the Sci-Fi 2.0 from the Original Sci-Fi is the narrower tail with increased exit rocker, and 1” shorter in length. All three of these changes give the Sci-Fi 2.0 a high-performance upgrade in the pocket and extended the wave range to 3-8’ surf n a shorter package compared to the OG Sci-Fi. A couple other changes to the Sci-Fi 2.0 that were not as noticeable to me is the wide point shoved forward, and increased depth of Tomo’s Quad Inside Single Concave for greater lift and responsiveness. I found the Original Sci-Fi to be faster down the line in smaller mushy surf due to it having a wider tail with less rocker. If you loved the performance of your OG Sci-Fi, then you will be stoked on the upgrades with the 2.0. These changes put the Sci-Fi 2.0 in the HPSB category, and I highly recommend it for intermediate – pro level surfers.
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