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5'3" StepRail PL3

Dimensions: 5'3" x 19" x 2.15"

AJW: This is our newest design, we are very excited about this board! If you liked the PL2 for average waves… this is the step down from that… geared specifically for knee high waves… Will work up to chest high, as well as some barrels… but compared to the other PotatoLaunchers this is a unique board in its own right… More of a fish or air board in tiny surf… Not as versatile once the waves get larger. It has the most hidden foam of any design we offer. Comes with very full rails with an extreme steprail in the tail of the board creating a very small rail line, with a very full tail… Allowing it to fly in the tiniest waves! One of the fastest small wave boards we’ve ever made… So fun in gutless surf! Hand made in the USA!

Shipping: $75 rate for shipping in the continental United States.

3 fins included.
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